BJJ submissions

9 Best BJJ submissions

BJJ submissions

Hey there, fellow BJJ fans,

Ever wondered how those BJJ wizards make their opponents tap out? Well, you’re in luck because we’re about to spill the beans on the “9 Best BJJ Submissions.” Don’t worry if you’re new to this – we’re going to break it down in the easiest way possible.

Think of BJJ submissions like secret moves that can make your opponent say, “Uncle!” In this blog, we’re going to show you these cool tricks, step by step, in the simplest way. So, get comfy, and let’s dive into the world of BJJ submissions. It’s like learning magic spells for martial arts! Ready? Let’s go!

The top 3 personal favourites

1st Place: Armbar

The armbar is my top pick because there are so many scenarios where you can bail whatever you want to do and transition to an armbar for the finish.

Watch a quick video to understand better.

2nd Place: Triangle

Triangle takes an EZ second place just because sometimes its hard to see it coming. For example, if you cant finish the armbar its so quick to transition to a triangle.

Watch a quick video to understand better.

3rd Place: Ezekiel choke

This choke is hard to finish since some people don’t just tap for pain, but it is a really sneaky choke that can help you in a difficult position.

Watch a quick video to understand better.

9 strong BJJ submissions

Armbar: The Classic Submission

Imagine this: You’re like a spider wrapping up its prey. With an armbar, you’re going to target your opponent’s arm. Here’s how it works:

  1. Setup: First, control your opponent’s arm. You want to hold their wrist and trap their elbow.
  2. The Squeeze: Now, use your legs like scissors, and squeeze their arm with your thighs.
  3. The Tap: As you extend their arm, it puts pressure on their elbow. When they’ve had enough, they’ll tap out – and you win!

Triangle Choke: A Powerful Stranglehold

The triangle choke is like creating a deadly triangle with your legs. Here’s the lowdown:

  1. Setup: Get your legs around your opponent’s neck and lock them in a triangle shape.
  2. The Squeeze: Squeeze your thighs together while pulling on their head.
  3. The Tap: Your opponent can’t breathe, and they’ll tap out to avoid passing out. Victory!

Rear Naked Choke: The Gentleman’s Submission

This one’s all about finesse, not brute force. Imagine you’re putting your buddy in a headlock, but way fancier:

  1. Setup: Get behind your opponent and secure your arm around their neck.
  2. The Squeeze: Your other arm comes in to complete the choke.
  3. The Tap: Squeeze gently, and they’ll tap out because they can’t breathe. You win with class!

Kimura Lock: Shoulder Pain Incoming

Time to target your opponent’s shoulder with a kimura:

  1. Setup: Grab their wrist and twist their arm behind their back.
  2. The Twist: Use your body to apply pressure to their shoulder.
  3. The Tap: When the pain gets too much, they’ll tap out. Another win in the bag!

Guillotine Choke: Squeeze Your Way to Victory

Imagine you’re giving your opponent a big, tight hug, but there’s a twist:

  1. Setup: Wrap your arm around their neck like a guillotine blade.
  2. The Squeeze: Squeeze your arms together to choke them.
  3. The Tap: They’ll tap out when the pressure on their neck becomes unbearable. Victory hug!

Omoplata: The Shoulder Lock With a Twist

Time to twist your opponent’s shoulder like a pretzel:

  1. Setup: Trap their arm with your legs in a triangle shape.
  2. The Twist: Push on their wrist while lifting their shoulder.
  3. The Tap: When their shoulder can’t take it anymore, they’ll tap out. You win with style!

Ankle Lock: Attack from the Ground Up

Focus on their legs with the ankle lock:

  1. Setup: Grab their ankle and secure it.
  2. The Squeeze: Arch your back to apply pressure on their ankle.
  3. The Tap: When their ankle starts hurting, they’ll tap out. Victory for you!

Ezekiel Choke: The Sneaky Submission

It’s like a ninja move for BJJ:

  1. Setup: Use your sleeve or lapel to choke them.
  2. The Squeeze: Pull the fabric to tighten the choke.
  3. The Tap: They’ll tap out when they can’t breathe. Sneaky, right?

Americana Lock: The Arm Torture Technique

You’re in control of their arm with this one:

  1. Setup: Pin their arm to the ground and lock their elbow.
  2. The Twist: Apply pressure by twisting their arm.
  3. The Tap: They’ll tap out when their arm can’t handle it anymore. Victory is yours!

Remember, these are simplified explanations, but they give you a good starting point to understand these BJJ submissions. Practice makes perfect, so get on the mat and start refining your techniques!

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