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I started wrestling from age 10 up until I was 15, which is when COVID hit and everything stopped. My brother started working out at home, and by that time, I had not been properly active for a whole year. When I could actually start wrestling again, I chose to start boxing for the first time, and from there it was a snowball affect into Jiu-Jitsu, and then I fell in love and decided that I wanted to become a professional MMA fighter.

It was hard to convince my parents that this is what I really want to do, but after some time and me proving to them that I can work hard enough to achieve my ultimate goal of becoming number 1 in my UFC weight division, they stand behind my decision with full support.

At first, I only saw the bad stuff, like the town i come from, I never thought i would find so much opportunity in the MMA club I joined.

right now, in 2023 I’m 18 years old and plan to start pointing all the time I have to MMA training in 2024, after my graduation.