BJJ technical

How to become more technical in BJJ

BJJ technical

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Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) is a tough sport that requires a deep understanding of both skill and strategy. As BJJ practitioners move further in their training, they often run into problems that stop them from improving their skills. In this piece, we’ll look at some useful ways to improve your BJJ skills and get past these problems. Focusing on specific areas that need work, using organized training methods, and pushing yourself to do new things can help you keep getting better at BJJ technical positions.

Extra BJJ technical attention

Instead of judging how well you’re training by how many opponents you tap out or how many times you avoid getting tapped, focus on learning new moves. Pick a move, like a sweep, pass, or submission, that you want to learn and work on. This method should be practiced and used during every sparring exercise. If you think of every try as a small win, you’ll keep your mind on learning and growing.

No longer focusing on known techniques

If you find that you count on a certain move or submission too much, try pushing yourself by avoiding it on purpose while you train. By taking away your go-to strategies, you force yourself to think of other options and come up with new methods. This plan forces you to step out of your comfort zone and find growth opportunities you haven’t thought of yet.

Setting up Positional Fighting

To keep your skills fresh and avoid getting stuck, start your sparring matches in situations that you normally avoid or find hard. If you always start at the top and boss around your training partners, putting yourself in a weaker situation will force you to deal with new problems and encourage you to think of new ways to solve them. When you push yourself out of your comfort zone, you generally feel uncomfortable. View this as a sign that you are growing.

Training partners who are about the same size but have different levels of experience

BJJ puts a lot of emphasis on skill and leverage, but working out with someone about the same size as you can teach you a lot about how well your methods work. Start by practicing new moves with someone who is either smaller or less skilled than you. This lets you practice in a safe environment before gradually making your opponents harder and bigger. By gradually making things harder for you, you can test your skills while still giving yourself a fair task.

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