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Preparing for a Boxing or MMA fight

When the date for your boxing or MMA fight comes closer, it’s very common to start overthinking. Even if you are a very confident person. In this post, I will give you some brief details on how to start your preparation and how to shut down those negative thoughts.

The Mental Preparation


Forget about all the physical training for now. Focus on what’s happening in your head because that’s where most of your power comes from you can’t win a fight if you have a weak mentality. This carries over from your everyday life if you walk around with this useless victims mentality. saying stuff like why did this happen to me or I always have bad luck, you won’t get far I can promise you that.

Why mental preparation is so important

David Goggins said “When you feel like you literally can’t go anymore, like your body gives up on you,you still have 60% left“. The rest is all in your head not giving up is the most important part. It doesn’t matter how fit you are if you start even thinking about slowing your pace in the fight it will become a reality remember thoughts and words have POWER.



You have to be dedicated you can not skip a single day of training and if you do you better make up for it. Here’s a thought to help you every time you think of skipping something like training or an ice bath. Your going to feel so bad about yourself later, your going to regret it and wish you never skipped. Trust me i’ve been there. But the feeling of accomplishment you get at the end of a day knowing you did what you were supposed to do is not comparable to any other feeling. The best part is you can get that feeling everyday if you just stay dedicated.

Physical prep


Now some of you might think that Physical preparation is just your strength and endurance training. Not at all your diet plays a big role ,and is arguably the hardest part. You need to stop consuming alcohol and sugar also not just before the fight but forever, and also no smoking of any kind. now I’m not going to go too deep into the diet, That will be linked here soon. Your training has to be balanced between sparring, strength and cardio/endurance. You need to fit in at least one rest day and 2 to 3 training sessions a day if your serious about fighting.

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