Top 3 Best BJJ Belts

Are you on the hunt for the top BJJ belts? Look no further! In this article, we will unveil the 5 best BJJ belts that will not only enhance your appearance on the mat but also signify your progression in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned practitioner, finding the right belt is essential for comfort and performance.

Our meticulously curated list features the highest quality belts from reputable brands, designed to provide durability, flexibility, and a perfect fit. These belts are constructed with superior materials, ensuring they can withstand the rigorous demands of training and competition.

From the vibrant colors of the belts to the intricate embroideries, each belt tells a unique story of hard work, dedication, and achievement. We have considered customer reviews, expert opinions, and personal experiences to narrow down the selection to these top 5 BJJ belts.

Join us as we delve into the world of BJJ belts and discover which one is the perfect fit for you. From the moment you tie it around your waist, you’ll feel a sense of pride and accomplishment, ready to tackle any challenge on the mat. Let’s dive in!

Importance of choosing the right BJJ belt

  1. Recognition of Progress: BJJ belts represent your skill level and the progress you’ve made in the art. Wearing the right belt color helps others, including your rolling partners and instructors, recognize your achievements and skill level. It’s a source of accomplishment.
  2. Motivation: Working toward the next belt can be a strong motivator. Knowing that you’re striving for a higher rank and the responsibility that comes with it can encourage you to train harder, learn more, and continue to improve.
  3. Respect for Tradition: BJJ has a history and tradition that goes back a long time, and the belt system is a big part of that tradition. Wearing the correct belt color shows your respect for the martial art’s heritage and the hierarchy within the BJJ community.

Factors to consider when buying a BJJ belt

  1. Belt Length: BJJ belts come in different lengths and it’s important to choose one that fits your waist properly. Measure your waist and refer to sizing charts provided by the manufacturer to select the right length.
  2. Belt Color: BJJ belts come in various colors to signify different ranks. Make sure you choose the color of your current rank. For example, white belts for beginners and blue belts for intermediate.
  3. Quality and Material: The quality of the BJJ belts are important for durability and performance. BJJ belts are usually made from cotton, but some higher-end belts may include additional materials for strength and longevity. Look for a belt made from durable, heavy-weight cotton.
  4. Thickness: The thickness of the belt can differ among brands. Thicker belts are often used for their durability and sturdiness but, some BJJ practitioners prefer thinner belts for comfort. Choose the thickness that suits you.
  5. Brand and Reputation: Research different BJJ belt brands and their reputations. Brands known for producing high-quality gear are a safe choice. Read reviews and ask for recommendations from fellow practitioners or Check my Blog.

The top 3 BJJ belts in the market

Bad Boy BJJ Belt

Bad Boy BJJ Belts


  • Premium cotton fabric for superior lifespan
  • Available in standard BJJ colours (White; Blue; Purple; Brown; Black)
  • Sizes range from A0 to A5
  • Designed for competition
  • Official Bad Boy patch embroidered

These BJJ Belts are one of not so many brands that are cheap but feel expensive. They are made with premium fabric to ensure durability. No matter how many rolls you go through this belt will not unravel.

Tatami Premium BJJ Belt

Tatami Premium BJJ Belts


  • – Premium quality belt
  •  – Colours represent each belt rank
  • – Tatami label
  • – Double folded pearl weave core with a soft touch
  • – 100% cotton
  • – Harder to touch & thinner than our standard belts


This BJJ Belt is a bit more pricy than a normal belt from Tatami but worth the extra money. The quality is Great, the progress bar is a unique feature that you don’t get with normal BJJ belts and like all Tatami Products it will last for years.




  • Extra Reinforced Rows of Stitching
  • Rich Color that Lasts & Doesn’t Bleed
  • IBJJF, NABJJF, and UAEJJ Approved
  • Easy to Tie Construction

FUJI BJJ Belts are high quality these traditional jiu-jitsu belts are made to withstand years of wear. The Reviews are great With BJJ belts from FUJI you cannot go wrong.

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