Why do you have to wear a mouthguard in MMA?


As a dedicated martial artist, your safety should always be your top priority! There’s one absolutely crucial piece of gear that every MMA practitioner must invest in: the mighty mouthguard. Let’s dive into five rock-solid reasons why strapping on a mouthguard is an absolute game-changer for your safety and long-term success in the world of MMA.

Reason 1: Shielding Your Precious Teeth

In the high-impact world of MMA, the risk of dental disasters is always looming. Every punch, kick or elbow strike without protection can spell disaster for your pearly whites. But don’t be fooled into thinking that’s the only danger zone. In the grappling and close-contact chaos a stray knee or a careless bump can become the culprit behind a toothless smile. With a trusty mouthguard you’ve got a knight in shining armor for your teeth, ready to defend them no matter what kicks or punches come your way.

Reason 2: Stopping jaw injuries

The mouthguard isn’t just about teeth: it’s your jaw’s best friend! This unsung hero distributes the brute force from strikes, reducing the risk of jaw fractures and dislocations. It’s like a shock absorber for your face, ensuring your jaw and its loyal supporters stay in fighting shape.

Reason 3: Saving Your Soft Tissue from Self-Harm

Imagine your own teeth turning against you, causing chaos in your mouth. A well-fitted mouthguard steps in as a peacekeeper, shielding your cheeks, gums, and lips from those rogue, sharp edges. This guardian angel prevents gnarly cuts and painful abrasions that could otherwise plague your training.

Reason 4: Wealth Protection, One Tooth at a Time

Here’s a jaw-dropping statistic: the American Dental Association (ADA) warns that athletes without mouthguards are 60 times more likely to suffer dental nightmares. Emergency dental treatments can chew up your hard-earned cash faster than a hungry lion! But by investing in a reasonably priced mouthguard, you’re not just safeguarding your teeth; you’re also saving thousands in future dental bills. It’s a fiscally smart move that lets you grin without breaking the bank.

Reason 5: An investment to your career

A mouthguard might not be a superhero cape, but it’s a martial artist’s trusted sidekick. While it might not shield you from all threats, it’s a pivotal player in your safety squad. Even if it can’t guarantee total concussion protection, it’s your steadfast companion in the quest for oral health. With your teeth, soft tissues, and jaw under its watchful eye, the mouthguard elevates your training experience. You’ll exude confidence, knowing you’ve taken proactive steps to shield yourself from preventable injuries. With a trusty mouthguard in tow, you can focus on your martial arts journey without dreading missed training sessions due to unnecessary mishaps. It’s time to unleash your inner warrior!

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